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Year-End Shoppers Quiz

Do you know what kind of holiday shopper you are?

Take our quiz to find out your holiday shopper personality traits! Learn more about your preferences and get some tips on how to make the most of your holiday shopping experience.

Let's Go!



Do you plan your shopping ahead of the holidays?


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Always or often

Rarely or never

How often do you shop during the month of Xmas itself?


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Do you prefer shopping in-person or online?


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I try to match my giftee's tastes.

I try to stay within my budget.

Which do you prioritise more: matching your giftee's tastes or staying within your budget?


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Here’s what we found out about you!

Icon for trait Early Bird

Early Bird

You beat the crowd by starting as early as you can – with the added bonus of making sure your gift’s in stock. Remember to wrap your gifts nicely!

Icon for trait Regular Shopper

Regular Shopper

You pace yourself smoothly. You also tend to making each trip manageable without lugging around too much. Do remind yourself to avoid buying too much, though.

Icon for trait Traditional Shopper

Traditional Shopper

You enjoy the experience of the sights and sounds. Just make sure to not get too distracted by pushy salespersons.

Icon for trait Online Connoisseur

Online Connoisseur

You enjoy the peace and quiet away from the physical crowd. If you don’t mind, be prepared to pay a little more for delivery insurance!

Icon for trait Thoughtful Planner

Thoughtful Planner

You try your best to please your giftee. But don’t worry if you don’t get their likes right all the time; it’s the thought that counts!

Icon for trait Bargain Hunter

Bargain Hunter

You strive to be as practical as possible to get a good gift within a reasonable budget. But how about spending slightly more if it’s something your giftee would love?


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