Think you know all about recycling?

Most of us learnt about recycling in school – sorting our recyclables by paper, metal, plastic or glass and slotting them into the respective bins.

But do you really know what can and cannot be recycled?

Let’s clean up the place!

Drag and drop each item into the correct bin.

Remember, some items are unrecyclable.

Place them in the trash bin instead.

Please orientate your device to landscape mode.

Designed and developed by Lancer Design





Did you know? Recycled plastic bottles can become clothes!

I am made of tin, tin is metal. Put me in the correct bin!

Maybe I can become a new glass paperweight…

I'm a newsPAPER. (No, I don't belong in the trash)

What's light, durable, breaks down after being recycled a few times?

Looking forward to being crushed and melted…so I can be new again.

Rinse me out and I'm on my way to being a new paper product.

I'm either aluminium or steel. Put me with the other shiny things.

I might be paper, but I'm lined with plastic. So I can't be recycled…

It's too difficult to clean me for recycling.

They can't melt me, you can't recycle me.

I jam up the recycling machines, so they won't accept me. :(

I can withstand very high heats, so I'm too difficult to recycle…

I am usually too dirty to be recycled. They think I'm too porous!

Actually, I can't be recycled. Even when I'm clean.



You've binned 'em all! Great job!

You are a:


(In making this game, we used the list of recyclables provided for NEA’s recycling bins. The type of recyclables accepted may vary for different programmes.)

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