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Pet Projects

What we do when we let our imaginations out to play.

Toilet Warriors


Are you a Toilet VIP?

Screenshot for Are You a Toilet VIP? (Actual color)

Besides wanting to spread the word on how you could become a Toilet VIP – we thought everyone would find this refresher on toilet hygiene useful (especially in the time of coronavirus).

What it is

A quiz-type microsite with fully-customised animations for each answer option.

Season’s Greetings


Did you know… Christmas?

Screenshot for Did you know… Christmas? (Actual color)

Think that you know Christmas traditions around the world? This microsite includes some mind-blowing factoids on Christmas, around the world – and Singapore.

What it is

A fully-interactive microsite with customized animations for each Christmas factoid section.

Stopping Wishcycling


Recycling Web Game

Screenshot for Recycling Web Game (Actual color)

What’s recyclable and what’s not? That’s probably a tricky question for many, and getting instant (virtual) feedback might be a great way to figure it out.

What it is

A drag and drop mini-game with a fully functional scoring and rating system.

Sugar Rush


Halloween Runner

Screenshot for Halloween Runner (Actual color)

There’s more than one way to get a sugar rush – like our calorie-free quest to collect an unlimited number of candy corn.

What it is

A 2D side-scroller complete with cute graphics and animations.